I M . D O N E

TOUUUUURRRRSSSS OVERRR. i'm still in ny though. and i'm flying straight to denver to see my friends sam s. and sam c., i'm going with my good friend sam b. too. i have this song called 'sad sams' that's about them and how i don't like to see them get hurt. check out this sweet fan video. this might be the weirdest/funniest one, may be because it's not a single picture on top of the song:

Also mykologics:
I HEARDDD people were there for me in montreal!!! i'm so sorry! everytime i've gone to canada it's so damn stressful. the promoter was like "yeah we announced you weren't playing" and i told islands to hold on and that i was on my way like an hour before.
next thing i know i'm playing, rushing on and off the stage. sorry about all that.
please email me here asap: